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 As Global Education knocks on Indian shores, we play a very important role in helping and establishing Overseas Education in India. Earlier the financially rich segment of India would pursue an education abroad. However the Indian education marketplace is undergoing a dynamic change to meet the demands of the today's world. India has great potential, as the middle class is awakening itself to the importance of global education in order to spruce up their knowledge base and increase their chances of securing gainful employment. 

Consulting and Promotion

Presently, EducationDB consults foreign education institutes for marketing, advertising and student recruitment to universities in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Universities around the world are looking to set up off shore facilities to promote education program through different channels. 

Student Recruitment

  • Help students to identify the right university that matches their profile and career goals, thus ensuring the best quality student on campus.
  • Promote colleges and universities through their own channels in India, such as college fairs, education fairs, advertisements and articles.
  • Organize seminars for representatives when they are visiting India to ensure a smooth maximum leverage in terms of student recruitment.
  • Make sure that documentation is comprehensive so that schools receive applications that reduces time and frustration for everyone.
  • Finally, we act as a link between the school and students to ensure that there is a win-win situation for all involved parties.

Joint / Twin Programs (Proposed Ideas)

  • Integrated MBA program where 3 years will be completed in India and directly enroll for Management studies in foreign university.
  • Students can complete 1 year in India and final year at the foreign university whilst pursuing a Masters Degree.
  • Option for a joint program where they can complete 2 years in India and 1 year  at the Australian / UK university for a Bachelors Degree.
  • The foreign university will be paid a portion of the revenues as royalty for providing their knowledge, brand name and curriculum
  • We address the needs of such ventures and helps foreign universities to locate the right Indian partner.

Satellite Campus

  • Host university will actually be setting up an offshore campus under its own brand name.
  • The programs offered will be run entirely by the host university with an investment from a local partner that has industry presence.
  • Complete degrees would be provided by the offshore campus and would be accredited by AICTE in India.
  • EducationDB acts as a link between the foreign and Indian counterparts to ensure that while the venture is suited to Indian market conditions.

Our involvement is until such time that the negotiations are completed; the institution is set up and is running smoothly. We would also assist in the recruitment, administrative and marketing activities until the venture is fully operational. This is possible because of the expertise offered by our advisers who have gained experience over the years of the Indian education industry, while having had the opportunity to educate themselves in the USA,UK, Australia, etc.